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Incredible Rebates on Appliances and Fixtures

Questions or to apply: Call Beth at (763) 572-3554

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Attention Fridley Residents!

Save energy costs and money on new appliances and fixtures.
Rebate = up to 50% of your cost

Eligible items for replacement include: 

Toilets: replace your old or leaky toilet with a U.S. EPA WaterSense labeled toilet.

Washer: Upgrade to an Energy Star qualified clothes washing machine.

Irrigation Systems: Get an audit by a WaterSense audit-certified professional and the rebate may include controller replacement with a WaterSense labeled controller, or the replacement of broken or inefficient sprinkler heads.

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Fridley residents have the opportunity to save money when upgrading a clothes washing machine, toilet or irrigation system.

Upgrade to an EnergyStar wash machine and save up to $150.
Upgrade to a toilet with a WaterSense label and save up to $200.
Get an irrigation audit with Water in Motion and replace your controller with a WaterSense labeled one or replace broken or inefficient sprinkler heads and save up to $200.

Sponsored by the Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment, and available through spring 2017 or while funds last.
Questions? Call Beth at (763) 572-3554.