Who Is FRED LEE???
Get it??? "Fred Lee"... it's a thinker!
Fred Lee may not always remember the punchline to his jokes, but definitely has a rye sense of humor.
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    Who is Fred Lee? Learn more about Fred and how he can help you pop a cork, throw back a bottle and mix up some tasty fun!

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    Fred Lee helps you find what you need and make tasty decisions - only at Fridley Liquor!

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  6. Fred's Advice

    Fred Lee may not know much about basketball, but can sure tell you a lot about HOPS! Get Fred's take on gift ideas, stocking a home bar, fun cocktail mixes, wine pairings and more.

  7. Fred Travels

    Live vicariously through Fred Lee as he travels the world on a hunt for delectable new taste to bring home to Fridley Liquor.