Become a Firefighter


The Fridley Fire Department is recruiting for paid, on-call firefighters 

  • Must live within 6 minutes of a Fridley Fire Station
  • Evening & weekend shifts needed
  • Training available
  • Competitive Pay
  • Great benefits & sign-on bonus!!
  • For more information call 763.572.3612

Make a difference: Become a Fridley Firefighter!

Becoming a firefighter may be one of the most personally rewarding things that you ever do
Fridley Firefighters are dedicated to providing quality service to the community through preservation of life, prosperity and the environment. Our members serve with compassion, integrity and professionalism. 
We are a progressive, full-service combination full-time and paid-on-call fire department that provides fire protection and emergency medical services.
IF INTERESTED IN BECOMING A FIREFIGHTER or being advised of openings in the future, please email us your name, address, and phone number. Your name will be kept in the file for 12 months and if an opening should occur a job announcement will be mailed to you. Residency is not required, however, you must live with 6 minutes of any of our 3 fire stations 

Email the Fridley Fire Department or call us at (763) 572-3613

During the first two years after hire, new firefighters commit an average of 10-12 hours per week to the department. This includes firefighting course work, Emergency Medical Technician training, Hazardous Materials Operations training along with in-house training. Once the course work is done, firefighters work an average of 10 hours a month on shift and are required to attend weekly trainings on Monday night (6:30pm-9:00pm) or Tuesday morning (8:00-1030am). This averages to be about 20-30 hours a month. 

Duty Crew Hours / Working Shifts
The Fridley Fire Department is committed to protecting the people, property, and environment within our community. In the summer of 1994 the Department radically modernized the delivery of services in Fridley by providing 24 hour staffing. This change provided 2 Firefighter/EMT's 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to all fire calls and calls for emergency medical assistance in Fridley.

While the department still uses page-out system to alert off duty firefighters of events where the duty crew needs additional resources, most calls are handled by the crew that is working.

Shift work allows the firefighter to schedule hours based on their own personal schedule, while on shift; you will inspect equipment, perform house duties and respond to all emergency events in the city.

We require that all firefighters work 10 of scheduled shift hours a month, attend training on a regular basis and while off duty, respond to a minimum of 30% of fire or medical callbacks.

Firefighter classifications include Recruit, Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, Captain, Assistant Chief and Chief. Chief and Assistant Chief are full-time positions appointed by City Council. All firefighters are required to certify NFPA 1001 competencies through technical college courses and then pass the Minnesota Board of Fire Service Examiners testing. All personnel are also trained and then tested in most of the NFPA 1002 competencies for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator. The majority of the firefighters are Emergency Medical Technicians, and all new hires must now have that certification. The majority of the firefighters are Hazardous Material Technicians, with several at the Specialist level.

Making a Difference

Few professions provide the sense of accomplishment and personal enrichment that fire service professionals enjoy. There is tremendous satisfaction in having saved a life, controlled a structure fire, comforted an accident victim or taught a survival skill that prevented a child from being injured or killed. 
Minnesota Fire Hire
MN Fire Hire is dedicated to the recruitment and retention of firefighters in Anoka County, Minnesota.

Funding for this project is supplied by a 2011 Federal SAFER grant that is administered by the Centennial Fire District, and aids all Anoka County departments with recruitment marketing, new recruit training & gear, and retention programs.

Only a trusted few earn the privilege of becoming firefighters. We'll show you what it takes and what it means to be a firefighter in Anoka County. Visit the MN Fire Fire website here: