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ationwide Social Media Scare:
Creepy Clowns

October 6, 2016
Dear Fridley residents,

We understand your concern over the recent Creepy Clown phenomenon that appears to be taking over social media. Please understand, many of these social media reports are false. Social media has ignited this frenzy with people posting unsubstantiated reports of clown sightings or threats of impending violence. These are widely considered hoaxes designed to scare others, while posing no credible threat.

Some people are now sporting costumes and adding to the fear. It is difficult for us to determine which incidents are legitimate concerns and which are Halloween enthusiasts. It takes time away from other important matters to investigate any false reports. Please remember that it is a crime to trespass, file a false police report or to make someone fearful. We take this situation very seriously and there will be consequences for anyone who crosses the line. We also have concerns for the personal safety of those walking around in a clown costume as a joke. Tensions are high around this situation and it is possible for people to overreact. Please know, we have officers on patrol, working in schools and in neighborhoods to keep you safe.


Your Fridley Police Department
Fridley Police Department

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Seat Belts Save Lives

August 12, 2016
Case #MA16007283
At 8:10 am, a marked Fridley Police squad car was traveling southbound on University Ave at the intersection with Mississippi St NE. The officer was attempting to catch up to a semaphore violator, and the emergency lights were activated on the squad car. Eastbound and westbound traffic on Mississippi St stopped to yield to the squad car, and the officer proceeded through the intersection. An eastbound vehicle being driven by an adult male then proceeded through the intersection, striking the squad car. The squad car, a 2015 Ford Utility, overturned and landed on its roof. The officer, who was wearing his seat belt, had minor injuries and was transported to an area hospital. The driver of the other vehicle and his adult female passenger both complained of minor injuries. The passenger was also transported to an area hospital. The crash investigation will be handled by the Minnesota State Patrol. The initial semaphore violator was not identified and did not stop at the scene.