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Framing Fridley: City Hall Updates

Columbia Arena sat vacant and deteriorating for over a decade. It is an exciting time to see construction activity and new life given to that area. We invite you to share in the progress of this project as we work to Frame the Future of Fridley. 

Regular updates will be provided in this blog. Check back often for the latest progress or subscribe to the RSS feed (link to the right). If you have questions regarding this project please contact Scott Hickok, Community Development Director at: 763-572-3590 or

Feb 23

Civic Camps Project and Progress 2.23.18

Posted on February 23, 2018 at 1:15 PM by Beth Kondrick

Many nice comments and compliments have been given as folks have watched the progress of this project. The safe and orderly approach to the contractor work and the construction has been ever present and noted by some who have observed. One person indicated that this site continues to be one of the cleanest, most orderly constructions that they have seen. Others have commented on the progress that has occurred every time they pass the site. These compliments would certainly go to our McGough team as it is their over-sight that we can attribute to that safe orderly progress.

Where are we at in terms of schedule? Overall, the progress is good; however, the recent extremely cold temperatures have had an impact on being able to finish the roof on the Police/Fire/City Hall building.  The project remains on schedule for meeting the completion goal of November.

 Public Works

 The roof on Public Works has been completed, and that allows the finish work inside to move along much more efficiently, with heated spaces that are continually dry, the Public Works building is being sheet rocked and finished to a point that interior painting has begun. Glass has been inserted in all of the "punched" window openings (single windows with walls flanking the opening). There is also a curtain wall glass on Public Works. This curtain wall is an area of large glass expanse where unlike a punched window opening, not all panes of glass are surrounded by wall, but instead, they are surrounded by other panes of glass. The curtain wall glass is high on the south wall of the shop area and will be completed by early April. That curtain wall will include "bird-safe" glass to assure that birds read the opening as something other than an open fly-through area. All metal panels on the exterior of the public works area will also be finished by mid-April. The elevator will also be in place and operable by mid-April.

 A pre-engineered cold storage building on the north side of Public Works and the overhead garage doors on all of Public Works will be in place by late February. The Public Works’ site will look like it is ready to occupy nearly as they enter into the latter part of April. That is where much additional finesse, building punch lists, and system commissioning will be happening. The building should be on schedule to receive its C.O. in May as originally planned.

 City Hall/Police/Fire Building

 Exterior wall framing will be completed by the end of February. For those who may have driven along 71st Avenue and looked south, you will have noticed the plastic enclosed scaffolding that protects the brick laying that is happening inside that scaffold structure. Brick and Stone on the exterior are now being applied and will be completed by May 15. The black exterior of the building that is evident as you pass today is wind barrier that goes behind the finished exterior wall surfaces. The curtain wall windows in this portion of the project will all be installed by the end of March. Like the Public Works project, the curtain wall glass is bird-safe and will enclose the Council Chambers, entry areas, gathering room, and larger glass areas on the east side of the City Hall portion of the complex.

 The roof on City Hall is largely on and in place, however extreme temperatures cause a loss of work days making it impossible product-wise and personnel wise to work in the extreme cold. An average of 2 days each of the last 3 weeks has been lost to cold weather days. Nonetheless, work inside of the complex is going well.  Plumbing, electrical, HVAC work, and concrete work all continue on the inside of the building. More finished surfaces await the completion of the roof to assure perfect interior conditions for perfect application of interior surfaces. Interior finishes of the City Hall/Police/Fire building are on schedule to be completed by mid-September.

 Like Public Works, the punch list, finesse work, and building commissioning work will begin at that time. 
-Scott Hickok, Community Development Director

Nov 06

November 6, 2017 - First Floor Installation

Posted on November 6, 2017 at 2:11 PM by Beth Kondrick

Organization and cooperation have been key to the continued timely progress of the civic campus. This week focus in on the installation of the first floor for police, fire and city hall offices. Stair and elevator cores are going up; mezzanines and office floor areas are taking share in the public works building; and 99’ long steel beams are arriving on site to support the roof of the public works building.

Concrete plank has been set for the subfloor for the police, fire and city hall office areas, as well as the public works offices. A concrete layer will soon be poured over the top of the plank before the finished floor material can be applied. Planning is underway for electrical and communication lines so that offices will be technology ready. A special type of modern scaffolding is used for block laying around the stair and elevator cores. This equipment allows the masons to move the scaffold up higher automatically as they build the walls in these areas.

Finally, the flatbed trucks hauling large wall panels have completed their work, but have been replaced by semi-trailers for those 99' support beams. Please use caution in the area as the large trucks travel in and around the site.