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Recycle More...Less Trash!

Fridley residents have now joined the growing trend of no-sort recycling. Due to high injury rates, the recycling industry is moving toward automated pickup like we have seen happen with garbage and yard waste collection over the years.  Residents in 1-12 unit dwellings are now enjoying the benefits of this form of recycling collection:

  • No need to sort recyclables into categories
  • No longer need to carry heavy blue bin down to the curb
  • Able to wheel recyclables down to the curb
  • Larger containers allow room to recycle additional plastics and cartons (see details below)
  • Larger container only needs to be collected every other week
  • Privacy; your neighbor walking the dog won’t see your empty bottles
  • Covered container keeps recyclables clean and dry
  • If you have a large family or home business that generates a lot, you can get a larger cart
  • Carts are less likely to blow around the neighborhood than empty blue bins on windy days

What is Automated Recycling?

In the recycling industry, automated collection of recyclables in a wheeled cart is commonly referred to as single-sort recycling, meaning no sorting by categories is required. You can still put your recyclable paper in paper bags or tied with string into the cart if you want to, but it is not required. We do recommend, however, that shredded paper be contained in a paper bag and plastic shopping bags be placed within one plastic bag to prevent litter when your cart is dumped into the truck on a breezy day.

When is my Recycling Day?

Automated, every other week recycling service began the week of May 7, 2012.  Because the service in wheeled carts is an every other week service, half of the City is collected in carts one week and the other half the next week.  Each residence included in the program was sent a calendar noting their service schedule in mid April.  If you lost your collection schedule, you can download a map with a collection schedule.  If you don't know which week (Blue or Grey) you are in, you can find out using Property Information Search.

More Plastics and Cartons Now Collected

What's Recyclable?

Use the label on the lid of your recycling cart as a general guide.  All materials that were recyclable in the previous 2-sort service are still recyclable.  This includes: steel and aluminum cans, glass bottles, and jars, plastic bottles, newspaper, mixed mail, magazines, school and office paper, phone books and other paperback books, dry food boxes, brown paper bags, and corrugated cardboard.  What is new is the addition of plastic containers #1-7 (except styrofoam), plastic bags, plastic cover, lids, and caps, juice boxes and aeseptic cartons, and paper milk cartons.  All these materials can be tossed loose in your wheeled cart, but you may want to leave covers on plastic containers and stuff plastic bags inside each other to prevent litter when your recycling is dumped.

Does this New Service Include Apartments?

Yes, if they are in buildings of 12 units or smaller. Buildings over 13 units in size privately contract separately, so you would need to consult building management to verify what recycling system you contract for. Look for a label on recycling carts describing what can be recycled at your location.

Does Everything Need to Fit in the Cart?

Yes. You still need to flatten your corrugated cardboard, because it must be placed inside the cart. Do not place cardboard or other materials on top of the cart for collection. If you are exceeding the capacity of your cart, the contractor will provide you with additional carts or a larger cart at no additional charge. Call Allied Waste directly to arrange delivery at 952-941-5174.

Can I Get a Smaller Wheeled Cart?

Every household will be given a mid-size wheeled cart in the initial deliveries in April. If you feel this container is too large for your needs, you will have the opportunity to switch to a smaller container, but not until the program has been in place for 60 days. The company needs some time to get the new service running smoothly and wants each household to test the mid-size cart. It is difficult to judge how much capacity your household needs with the new every other week collection schedule, including the added recyclable materials and the requirement that everything, including flattened corrugate cardboard boxes, must be placed inside the cart. No materials can be placed beside the cart or on top of it for pick up. Allied Waste will replace your 65 gallon cart with a 35 gallon capacity one after July 1, 2012. You can make arrangements by calling 952-941-5174.

What Do I Do with my Old Recycling Blue Boxes?

You are encouraged to keep your old blue recycling bin and put it to a new use. If it is damaged or you just want to recycle it, you may place it in your new recycling cart.

How Can Recyclables be Marketed When All Mixed Together?

Recycling companies have found that much of the sorting of recyclables can be done mechanically at a materials recovery facility. The City’s contract and State laws limit the amount of waste leaving a recycling materials recovery facility, so contractors, like Allied Waste, must prove that most of what they collect is indeed recycled into usable products. Due to glass getting broken and mixed by color in the processing it is often not able to be recycled into new glass bottles but used for other things like mixed into asphalt. Some paper mills refuse to accept paper from a single sort system since small glass shards can get mixed with paper, so paper is recycled, but sometimes to a lower grade paper product.

Is the City Still Getting Money for the Recyclables Collected?

No. In order to reduce the cost of the service, the City gave up the ability to get rebates for the material sold. While this system over the past several years has brought a great deal of revenue back to the City to finance recycling drop off events, it was an unpredictable source of funding that made it difficult for the City to budget. Drop off events are still planned for the future, but users will likely need to pay higher fees.

Please Help Fridley Recycle More

The City is very excited to provide this new, more convenient recycling service with added materials and hope that every household will participate in the program. Recycling weights have declined steadily over the past few years and Fridley failed to meet our recycling goals by over 200 tons in 2011. Fridley was the first community in Anoka County to offer curbside recycling and we want to be the city that recycles the most again.

Other Recycling Options

  • Need to get rid of appliances or electronics? Visit the Anoka County Integrated Waste Management web page for comprehensive recycling information for bulky items at You can also find information about recycling reusable items, batteries and plastic bags.
  • Learn about sites for yard waste, fluorescent bulb or household hazardous waste disposal.
  • Reduce, reuse, then recycle. See websites that offer material reuse options.
  • The City of Fridley coordinates Recycling Drop-off Days  each year to give its residents an opportunity to recycle large, bulky items in an environmentally friendly manor. 
  • Paper shredding at Fridley Municipal Center is no longer offered. Look up information on the Anoka County website for paper shredding service dates in nearby communities.


For more information about waste reduction or the recycling program for the city, contact the city's Planning Department by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 763-572-3592.