Party Planning

Whether you are planning a date night, small cocktail party or large event, we are here to help! Stop into one of our locations and we can provide product recommendations, quantities and variations of alcohol type. 

For general party planning, first consider how many guests will be drinking alcoholic beverages. With that number, you can estimate each guest will consume about 2-3 drinks during your event. If you are nervous about running out, you can add an additional one drink per person. Multiple the number of guests at your event by three (or four if you are worried about running out). The final number will be the total estimated number of drinks consumed at your party. 

Next, you will need to translate the total number of drinks into the different types of alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) at your event. Approximately 50 percent of your guests will drink beer, 30 percent will drink wine and 20 percent will have mixed drinks.