Lawn of the Week

Welcome to the Fridley Lawn of the week recognition page!  Lawn of the week is a city program designed to recognize and highlight the hard work Fridley community members put into their yards.  The time put in by these community members is what helps make Fridley a beautiful place to live.

Each week City Staff will pick one lawn for this program and place our Lawn of the Week sign to display to other community members.  

The City will consider "nominations" and make a final decision on the Lawn of the Week awards.  If you have a lawn you would like to suggest, please send an mail to or give us a call at (763) 572-3570. 

July 10-17 Lawn of the Week Winner

July 20-27 Lawn of the Week Winner


July 27- August 3 Lawn of the Week Winner  

August 3-7 Lawn of the Week Winner