Pumpkin Pursuit in the Parks

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What is this event?

Pumpkin Pursuit in the Park is an interactive, team scavenger hunt that takes place throughout the entire Fridley Parks system.

When is this event?

Pumpkin Pursuit in the Parks will take place over MEA weekend (normally we would be running Pumpkin Night in the Park, which we're really bummed we can't do this year....) October 16-17.

What does it cost to participate?

The cost to register your team of up to 8 people is $25!

Wait, it's a TEAM event?

Yes!  Assemble your team of up to 8 people, and let's go.  You will first register (use the How to Register Tab above) on our website.  You will need 1 team leader, a team name, and a sense of adventure.  Next, you will need to download the Goose Chase app on your device (downloads are available for both IOS and Android).  Your team leader will be emailed the passcode to get into the Pumpkin Pursuit in the Parks game 24 hours before the game starts.  Once the game opens, check out the missions, choose which ones you want to participate in, and earn points to put your team on top of the leaderboard!

What is a mission?

Goose Chase has 4 types of missions:  Video, Photo, Text, and GPS.  Each mission is a task for you and your team to complete in order to earn points.  You might be asked a trivia question about the oldest Fridley park (Text Mission), or to snap a photo of your team hugging a tree (photo mission), or take a video of your team singing your favorite Journey song while standing on one leg (video mission), or check in at Meadowlands Park (GPS mission).  Each of these missions will earn you a number of points.  

What if I want to know more?

Check out the FAQ tab to the left, or call and chat with the nature center staff at 763-572-3588!