Commons Park


Address 6249 7th Street NE
Start Date May 2025
End Date July 2027
Current Status Implementation Planning
Park Type Community Park
Size 23 Acres
Special Use Sledding Hill

Current Status

Commons Park is the City's most popular park and includes a rentable shelter, hockey rinks, warming house, playground, volleyball courts, tennis courts, a basketball court, sledding hill, ballfields and turf fields used for football and soccer. 

Commons Park is well-used for recreation programming, athletic groups and active play. It adjoins the Fridley Middle School with combined recreational spaces. 

Recommendations and Estimate of Probable Costs

General recommendations include improving and replacing existing amenities with some reorganization to improve overall function, accessibility and user satisfaction while still meeting the needs of programmed athletics by keeping the primary baseball field. New amenities are identified to meet current demands and trends, as well as to expand upon four-season recreation. Coordination and partnership with the school district will be necessary for some of the recommendations shown on school property and necessary for a balance of recreational amenities.

Recommendations include:

  • Integration of winter activities within a central location with an improved sledding hill and relocated paved hockey rink for multi-season use with optimal N-S orientation
  • Community pavilion building with meeting room, outdoor fire pit, gathering spaces and restrooms
  • Inclusive playground with a focus on unique and challenging equipment meeting a broad range of ages and abilities
  • Loop trails for improved connectivity within the park
  • Reorganization and improved athletic fields for greater function and flexibility
  • Addition of a splash pad with adjoining seating plaza with shade
  • Expansion of picnic spaces and picnic shelters
  • Addition of dedicated pickleball court complex (includes removal of two existing tennis courts)
  • Improved and expanded parking
  • Expanded volleyball courts
  • Replace existing basketball court

The estimate of probable costs ranges from $8.5 to $12 million for base preferred improvements and an additional $1.8 to $2.6 million for deferred or alternate improvements.

Concept Plans:

Current Conditions

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