Home Improvement Demonstration

Remodeling for the Future

The Fridley Housing and Redevelopment Authority purchased two houses for the Home Improvement Demonstration Program. These homes underwent remodeling and residents were invited to see the transformation through a series of three open houses - before, during, and after.

Home Improvement Demonstration Unlike typical remodeling projects, these have been open to the public to demonstrate how inexpensive various home improvements can be if savvy homeowners visit the building material Reuse Center in Minneapolis or liquidators to obtain materials.

The improvements in each house serve as a roadmap for updating Fridley's housing stock. We hope the neighborhoods will experience the benefits of investing in the community for years to come. Let the Home Improvement Demonstration Program inspire and encourage you to reinvest in your home!

4757 2nd Street

The Home Improvement Demonstration house at 4757 2nd Street was finished on July 22 and open houses were held throughout the month of August. The home sold in February 2012.

The home was purchased in 2010 and remodeled to showcase simple changes that can lead to single level living, making it easier for residents to stay in their homes as they age.

Information about the HRA's home improvement loan program and free remodeling advisor service is available by calling Paul Bolin at (763) 572-3591.


831 Mississippi Street

The city of Fridley's Housing and Redevelopment Authority purchased a 1959 rambler at 831 Mississippi Street with the intent of remodeling it. The Home Improvement Demonstration Program brought to life some of the home upgrades showcased in the HRA-developed home remodeling handbooks. View the Cape Cod and Rambler Planbook (13 MB).

Completed Remodel: This home was sold in 2011.

Tim Van Auken, Counselor Realty, was chosen to serve in the unique role of realtor and design collaborator with the builder, who has experience in remodeling ramblers. Together they will work to maintain the rambler's character and enhance it with quality modern features. Mr. Van Auken has provided input to help balance the extent of the remodel's value with the desire of today's homeowners.