Rental Properties Information

This page contains information for both tenants (residents) and landlords (owners) of rental properties. Use the links to navigate to a specific information section. 

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Find a variety of assistance programs, a list of current rental properties and where you can send questions or concerns about rental properties in Fridley. 

Assistance Programs

  • HomeLine - A nonprofit Minnesota Tenant Advocacy Organization that provides free, legal advice and assistance to residents of rental properties. 
  • Office of the Minnesota Attorney General - Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities 
  • Section 8 Rental Assistance - A federal housing program, funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), that assists in providing affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families. The purpose of the program is to provide families rent assistance by utilizing the existing housing stock.

    Note: The City of Fridley does not operate its own Section 8 housing program. Instead, region-wide resources are available through the Metro Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA). 

    Contact the Metro HRA at 651-602-1428 or via their website

Questions and Concerns

If you have concerns about the Fridley home you are renting, you can email the Rental Property Inspection Division or call 763-572-3616. 


Find information on the rental licensing process, how to license, renew or change the status of your license, local resources and more. 

Note: Beginning in spring 2024, rental license renewals will be processed online. 

We're excited to offer this time- and cost-saving online licensing system. Through Fridley’s CitizenServe portal, you can:

  • Submit documents electronically (no need to print & mail or fax, unless you prefer)
  • Access copies of documents like an Inspection Corrections Notice or Rental License Certificate at any time 
  • Pay securely online and receive a receipt by email. 

When currently-licensed properties receive their 2024 License Renewal Notice, they will also receive an Online Application User Guide (PDF). Many Fridley residents and business owners have already successfully used this system for their City of Fridley permits and licenses. 


If you have any questions regarding Fridley rental property licensing, please contact the Fridley Rental Property Inspection Division at 763-572-3616.

Rental Licensing Process

Like landlords, the City of Fridley wants to ensure that those who live in rental properties have a safe place to call “home”. Public health, safety and welfare of all residents is essential. Fridley’s Rental Housing Division is responsible for rental property licensing and maintenance program. The division’s goals are to identify and correct substandard conditions, and maintain quality standards for rental property.

As a rental property owner, you must maintain an annual Rental Property License. 

Fridley’s Rental Licensing Ordinance, Chapter 220 applies to all buildings, which are rented in whole or part as a dwelling for persons other than the property owner. Its requirements cover accessory-structures such as garages and storage buildings, and appurtenances such as sidewalks, parking lots, and retaining walls, which are on the lot where the rental property is located.

  1. New Rental Licenses

Process for getting a new rental license:

  1. Attend a Landlord/Crime-Housing Free Training.This is required for a new Rental Property License and every 5 years.
  2. Apply for a Rental Property License.
    • The License Application requires you to note when and where your Landlord/Crime-Free Housing Training occurred. If your training has been scheduled but not completed, you will be able to note this on the application.
  3. Successfully complete a Rental Property Inspection.
    • An inspector will contact you regarding your inspection after your license application has been submitted.
    • You, or your property manager, must be present for the inspection.
    • An initial inspection and one follow-up re-inspection are included with the cost of a license. Additional re-inspections required due to unresolved issues will incur charges.
    • Save time and money! Complete self-inspection checklist before your scheduled inspector visit.
    • Rental properties are re-inspected every 3 years.
  4. Submit payment for your license and any required re-inspections.
  5. Post your rental license as required by ordinance.
    • Multi-family properties must have the rental license conspicuously displayed, inside a frame, in the building’s entryway or common area.
  1. Renewals
  1. Transfers
  1. No Longer Rental
  1. Group Residential Housing
  1. Crime Free Training
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