View Information and Updates on the Current Street Projects

The Streets Division keeps our streets safe and usable, preserves street longevity and keeps them looking good. Activities include street sweeping, repairs and snow/ice control.

City street improvements are scheduled yearly based on need and available resources. These improvements include resurfacing, curbing, and other major improvements that are not categorized under the normal street maintenance program.

You can help! Report potholes, crack sealing and other problems relating to streets, alleys or boulevards: (763) 572-3566 or online with Report a Concern.

Calls after hours, you will receive a pre-recorded greeting with general instructions and emergency information. A message may be left for those situations not considered emergencies and will be reviewed the following business day. When reporting requests for services, please provide us with your name, address, telephone number, location of the requested repair, and as much detailed information as possible concerning the problem.

Yard Waste

City Code Chapter 113 Prohibits Any Person From Throwing Or Depositing Solid Waste, Yard Waste (grass Clippings, Leaves & Tree Waste) Or Recyclables On Any Property Within The City, Except Within Receptacles For Collection Or Such Items. Property Owners Of The Deposited Waste Are Responsible For Their Actions Or The Actions Of Any Agent Involved In The Waste Removal Process. Penalties Result In A Notice Of The First Violation, With Subsequent Violations Incurring Penalties Not-to-exceed $700 And 90 Days In Jail Plus Any City Cost.