Night to Unite

Night to Unite 2022 is Tuesday, August 2

Night to Unite

Register your party

Registration for Night to Unite 2022 is now open through Friday, July 15 at 4:30 p.m. Registration will be available online or in person at the Public Safety front desk. Registration is required if you would like a visit from Public Safety staff. 

Register your party by filling our the form below or by contacting Lieutenant Knaeble at 763-502-1968.

Blocking off your street? 

You will need neighbor signatures/permission to close the street. Applications for street closure are also due by July 13, 2022. Completed applications must be returned to the Public Safety front desk located in City Hall (7071 University Avenue NE). 

Download an application for street closures.  

Party Invitations Template

Door Hanger Invite

Event RecylingGreen Block Party

Interested in a low-waste block party? The City will provide Green Block Party Kits to up to 10 block parties on a first come basis.. Green Block Party Kits include compostable plateware, compostable silverware, and compostable bags. Optional organics and recycling containers are available but must be returned to City Hall on August 3. Green Block Party Hosts can dispose of collected organic waste via the Curbside Organics Recycling Program or at an Organics Recycling Drop-off

To host a green block party, contact Rachel Workin at or 763-572-3594.


In an effort to be environmentally sound, cost-effective and keep you up-to-date, we will be communicating via email and We will not share your email or overflow your inbox.

Please reach out to Lieutenant Nick Kneable at or Communications and Engagement Specialist, Olivia Raun, at