How can I find my property lines?

Locating your property boundaries may help ensure that fences, sheds and other improvements are appropriately placed. Several resources for locating your property boundaries are available, including a Certificate of Survey, aerial imagery, locating your property pins, and consulting a professional land surveyor.

  • A Certificate of Survey is a formal document prepared by a licensed surveyor, depicting your property boundaries. A survey is a drawing that shows physical features of the property as well as the location of survey monuments. Survey monuments are also known as "property pins" or "survey markers" placed at the property corners by a licensed surveyor. In some cases, residential properties in the City of Fridley have a Certificate of Survey on file. Visit the Property Information page to access residential property files.
  • Aerial imagery available from Anoka County shows the approximate property boundaries.
  • Download instructions for locating your property pins.
    • Property pins are buried iron survey markers placed by a surveyor at the corners of your property. To find your property pins:
      1. Contact Gopher State One Call at 651-454-0002 or visit before digging to have underground utility locations marked by public utility companies.
      2. Access your property records online
      3. Gather the following materials: survey or aerial imagery, tape measure, shovel, and (optional) metal detector
      4. Property markers are often located 10-15 feet from the curb. The marker is often found 6-10 inches below the ground surface.
      5. Mark the property pin and continue until you have found all pins.
  • Professional Land Surveyors are the only people trained and licensed to make property line determinations and can be retained to assist property owners.

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