Where can I dispose of ash tree material?

Under quarantine rule, you are not permitted to leave the quarantined area with ash materials. It is recommended that you take your ash material to the nearest disposal site that has a compliance agreement with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. This ensures that the ash material is properly handled and that the pest is destroyed. Some local places to take ash material are: 1. Ceres Environmental, 3825 85th Ave N, Brooklyn Park, 55443, 763 425-8822 •Trunk and canopy material – free of charge •Stumps - $16/cubic yard 2. Bunker Hills Compost Site, 13285 Hanson Blvd, Coon Rapids, MN 55448, 763-767-7964 •Branches 6 inches or less in diameter - $6/cubic yard •Branches or logs 6 inches-18 inches in diameter - $10/cubic yard •Branches, trunks or logs greater than 18 inches in diameter - $20/cubic yard •Stumps up to 36 inches in diameter - $40/cubic yard •Stumps greater than 36 inches in diameter - $60/cubic yard 

Costs are subject to change. Please confirm current pricing directly with the facility.

Find an Ash Waste Disposal Site Near You

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