What can I recycle?
  • Plastic bottles
  • Berry Boxes & Deli Containers
  • Cream Cheese / Butter Tubs
  • Yogurt, Pudding or Fruit Cups
  • Mail, Office & School Paper (all colors)
  • Envelopes, Receipts & Scrap Paper
  • Magazines & Catalogs
  • Newspaper, Inserts & Phone Books
  • Aseptic Containers for Soup & Juice
  • Cardboard Boxes & Gift Boxes
  • Cereal, Cracker, Pasta, Cake Mix Boxes
  • Glass Food/Beverage Bottles & Jars
  • Metal Food & Beverage Cans

 Recyclables should be placed loose in the recycle cart, never in plastic bags. 

Recycling and Waste Disposal Information

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